MAXXIS Enduro is new grassroots endurance road racing series. This new series opened for competition in June 2019 in Ontario.

MAXXIS Enduro is an amateur level endurance racing series committed to provide affordable racing for grassroots competitors. The series will be featured on mixed race tracks including road courses and ovals for a unique and out of the box racing experience. The endurance format means that a typical race will be time certain with a 3-hour limit. With different categories, based on lap time, competitors will be seeking supremacy in their own class.

Maxxis is the exclusive tire of the MAXXIS Enduro series. As a brand, Maxxis is associated with winners, including Olympic athletes and world-record holders across an array of racing disciplines. Maxxis provides high-quality tires that win in competition and perform on the road. Pushing the limits of technology, Maxxis gives racers the traction they need. Ordering, service and distribution will be done through Groupe Touchette Inc., exclusive distributor of Maxxis in Canada.