What is MAXXIS Enduro?

MAXXIS Enduro is an entry level endurance racing series committed to provide affordable racing for grassroots competitors. The series will be featured on mixed race tracks including road courses and ovals for a unique and out of the box racing experience. The endurance format means that a typical race will be time certain with a 3-hour limit.  Up to three drivers may share a car and refueling will be permitted. With different categories, based on lap time, competitors will be seeking supremacy in their own class.

Do I need a race licence?

All drivers must hold a race licence issued by a recognized sanctioning body.  Drivers with experience in non-sanctioned series should contact the series directly. 

Where can I race?

MAXXIS Enduro races at some of the best tracks in Canada.  The season typically opens in May and ends in October.  The races are up to 3 hours in length.  The full schedule is available on the website.

Is my car eligible?

The series is open to uni-body and purpose built race cars.  There are no rules in terms of age of race cars.  Vehicles shall comply with current FIA-sanctioned specifications regarding safety equipment including but not limited to cages, seats, seat belts and window nets.  Car classification will be done via breakout times. See the rules on our website.

What kind of tires are used?

The specified tire for MAXXIS Enduro is the Maxxis Victra RC-1.  Different sizes to fits most cars are available.   There are different tires for dry and wet conditions.  Competitors must purchase tires through our designated tire dealer.  The tire dealer will be attending each event to provide on-site tire service and support.  Tires may be purchased online through the link available on the series website.

How do I enter an event?

Competitors may register for each event using the online form available on the series website.

What are the different classes?

The classes are called M1, M2, M3 and M4.  The classes are determined by break-out times that are set for each track.  Break-out times allow competitors to race against other car/driver combinations of similar lap speed.  The break-out times are listed in the rules.  For new tracks, we will set break-out times based on practice and qualifying times.

Can I share my car?

Yes.  The series encourages sharing of cars to help reduce cost.  Up to three drivers may share a car during a race.

Is there prize money?

Yes. Up to $3,000 will be distributed after each race. See MAXXIS Enduro rules for details.